Seeds Dispersed

I am fascinated as I watch my father nurturing and caring for his plants in the way in which a parent would care for their young. Feeding, watering and protecting them. As I watch him, I wish too to be cared for and to offer my arms in return. To hold him, support him and care for him.  

Awarded one of three grants from Groundwork Pro Cardiff in May 2020 and mentored by Kimberley Harvey. Click below for the full video and visit our blog to find out more about the process.

See the full film here .



Emily was the invited choreographer for the 2020 Performance and Repertoire module at the University of Roehampton.


The commissioned choreography involved five talented third year dancers and  focused on our dual personalities as people and dancers. The work is humorous and thought-provoking as the dancers contemplate when their time has come, how they would like to be remembered.  


Emily was Footprint Dance Festival's 2019 Choreographic commissioned artist. 

Emily worked closely with the seven Roehampton dance students to create a short piece which was performed on the opening night of the festival. 


Root Under questioned the societal understanding of a woman's purpose being primarily for child birth. We reframed this to look at our ability as women to plant, grow and nurture creativity and art and how we needn't look at ourselves purely as a vessel for repopulation.


Root Under was supported by close friend and artist Harriet Roberts. 


RobDance commission in partnership with Orange Banana for Ry Jones Music.

Video to be released this year.