Emily Robinson Dance presents ‘Leave me

Leave me one (2019) is a contemporary dance piece exploring social categorisation and the psychological phenomenon known as ‘imposter syndrome’. Inspired by Emily’s and the dancer's own experiences, this group piece interrogates notions of losing, gaining and deserving one's ‘place’ in society.


Leave me one premiered as part of The Place Resolution Festival in 2019 and went on to tour in festivals around England and Wales including Footprint Dance Festival and Westival Music Festival in Tenby Wales.

Leave me one is still within the current company repertoire.


BLINKED (2020) responds sensitively to the current political climate in the UK. When seven women find themselves confined within a monotonous societal system, numb to the disparity and blind to one another, they begin to unpick societal patterns, finding strength in vulnerability and power in togetherness.

BLINKED premiered as part of Resolution Festival in 2020 and is currently in application stages for further touring and development.