Day 3 - Seeds Dispersed

Darkness and Light

Today my dad pulled me aside to notice more than just the blooming plants around us. He asked me to focus and pay closer attention to the leaves and how they now offer different shades of green. Before today, I only saw difference in the types of plant and the point at which they were at in their journey. We took this concept into the rest of the day, welcoming darkness with light and appreciation of lightness with dark.

I welcome you all to try out this mirroring task with a friend or family member. Simply find a comfortable position facing your partner. Each person can take their turn to lead the movement and the follower tries to mirror the exact movement of the opposite person. Pay close attention to their full body as well as their hands and arms, how they perform the movement, the speed, the sensation. Once you’ve both had a turn, try to complete this task without setting a 'leader'/ 'follower'. Try to blur these lines and find oneness. Feel free to play a song you both love, or simply sit quietly with one another and listen to your surroundings.

Thank you to@alexpatonmusicfor your beautiful sounds, follow him on Spotify for many more incredible tracks.

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