Day 4 - Seeds Dispersed

READINESS – there were two definitions that I came across for this:

1) the state of being fully prepared for something

2) willingness to do something.

Today, my father and I transferred some petunia seedlings out of their small pots into the open soil. It is a strange and humorous feeling; I’d imagine it’s like seeing your child take their first steps. I spoke to my dad about this idea of ‘readiness’ and when he knows that these plants are definitely prepared for the bigger pot or open soil. He spoke about how you will see the roots appear at the bottom of the pot almost like they are ‘bursting to get out’. I loved this concept and related it to these times when we get a creative idea and can’t help but want to share it, try it out in a studio, splash paint on a blank canvas or put pen to paper.

However, I am also reminded of all of those other times where I’ve had a creative idea that stays in that small pot and never makes it out. This can be for many reasons... the most popular include thinking it’s not ‘properly’ formed, ‘ready’ or any ‘good’. Sometimes this idea will stay in my head for a while or sometimes it is forgotten about almost instantly. I wonder about these thoughts and ideas and whether they were in fact ‘rooting at the bottom of my plant pot’ and ‘bursting’ to get out. I think the truth is, and I speak only for myself here, but I don’t think I ever fully feel ready to share something. It is usually a fleeting moment of confidence or freeing voice whispering, ‘what’s the worst that can happen’. After all, many mistakes have created great art and I can only embrace my unreadiness. More than that, we can offer support to each other in these moments where we allow ourselves to be free and to replant that seedling into the open soil.

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