Day 5 - Seeds Dispersed

TOUCH – Come into or be in contact with

We stayed in the greenhouse for some time today. We planned to arrange a hanging basket but truthfully the flowers were not all ready and so we decided to postpone. We spoke in length about what our dream hanging basket would look like and our plans for when the flowers are ready. As we were about to leave the greenhouse, my dad brushed his hands along the top of all the seedlings. He said this touch sends a positive feeling to the plant and prepares them well for life outside of the greenhouse. A study published in ‘Plant Physiology’ suggests that ‘the touch response may prepare plants to defend themselves from danger [and/ or] ... prepare them for the future’. It is no surprise that as humans we also need touch to signal safety, trust and compassion. In my experience, physical care and touch with parents reduces when you get to a certain age. Touch is simplified to a hug here and there, which is cherished deeply. Today’s task was definitely new territory, for both of us. We kept things playful whilst offering kindness and sensitivity to one another and I am very thankful for where today took us.

Disclaimer: this video is sped up significantly, we were not throwing each other around!

Incredible composition:@alexpatonmusic

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